Filecoin’s Decline, Kaspa’s Remarkable Ascent, & BlockDAG’s $1M Daily Revenue Explosion Following Dashboard Upgrade

The cryptocurrency sector has seen significant volatility, with Filecoin and Kaspa showing notable price movements. Filecoin (FIL) experienced a decline, falling below $6 in early May after reaching higher values. On the other hand, Kaspa (KAS) has climbed an impressive 480% over the last year.

Amid these market variations, BlockDAG Network (BDAG) has achieved remarkable presale results, raising $28.3 million. Launching its enhanced dashboard, equipped with sophisticated tools for tracking transactions and managing investments, has greatly increased user involvement and demand, setting a positive course for its future expansion.

Market Downturn Impacts Filecoin: Prospects Despite Recent Declines

Filecoin (FIL) has disappointed many with its recent downturn, dropping below $6 early in May. In March, it ranked among the best-performing cryptocurrencies, peaking at $10.41, buoyed by a rally in the Bitcoin market. However, post-Bitcoin’s halving, the market suffered a sharp downturn, severely affecting Filecoin. From a late March price of $9.9654, FIL dropped 14.75% to $8.4948 within a week. The downtrend persisted, leading to a 30.11% fall to $5.9365 by early May.

Despite these challenges, the Filecoin community is hopeful about its network’s growth potential. According to Messari’s Q1 2024 report, there’s been a 9% increase in active deals and a 5% boost in utilization rates. Moreover, the total value locked on Filecoin’s Virtual Machine has surpassed $600 million, doubling from the previous quarter. Analysts are optimistic, forecasting a potential 60.86% recovery in FIL’s price to approximately $9.5500.

Kaspa (KAS) Experiences a Significant Price Increase

Kaspa (KAS) has recently witnessed a substantial rise in its value. Data from CoinMarketCap indicates a surge of over 480% in the past year, with its market capitalization expanding from $410 million to $2.70 billion. Crypto analyst Miko Genno notes that Kaspa operates somewhat independently from broader market trends, characterized by its unique adoption patterns and frequent 8-month cycles.

Genno attributes these cycles to Kaspa’s quick emissions, which reduce its supply, contrasting with Bitcoin’s four-year cycles. With more than 16 technical indicators showing positive trends, experts maintain a bullish view on Kaspa’s future, estimating its price might hit $0.16 by the second quarter of 2024.

BlockDAG’s Presale Victory: Elevating from Minor Player to Major Investor

BlockDAG’s presale has been a major success, accumulating $28.3 million, primarily due to its newly launched dashboard. This tool has significantly spurred demand, especially in Batch 13 where the coin was priced at $0.008, resulting in a 30,000x return on investment.

The dashboard includes features such as a Last Transactions Preview to monitor recent activities, a Referral Screen showing purchases via referral links and bonuses earned, and a Transactions page listing instant purchases by USD amount. Investors are recognized in tiers, with Shark status for those investing between $10,000 and $49,999, and Whale status for over $50,000.

Moreover, BlockDAG’s dashboard features a hot news section, a Current Rank display, and a Leaderboard highlighting the top 30 presale buyers. These features enhance user experience and engagement, contributing significantly to BlockDAG’s market success.

BlockDAG’s Low-code/No-code platform also enables users to create utility tokens, meme tokens, and NFTs effortlessly, making the platform user-friendly and adaptable. With 45 presale batches planned, BlockDAG anticipates further price increases and substantial returns for early investors.


While Filecoin and Kaspa have navigated their respective ups and downs, BlockDAG’s impressive presale results and innovative dashboard present a strong case for its potential in the cryptocurrency market. Despite recent setbacks, Filecoin’s community remains hopeful, and Kaspa’s distinctive cycles have captured interest. However, BlockDAG’s advanced dashboard tools and robust market engagement underscore its ability to attract investors and drive growth, positioning it as a strong contender in the crypto arena.

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